"Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication"- Leonardo da Vinci

Architectural Façades Engineering, specialized in the design, the development and the technical management of special claddings, such us curtain-walls, structural glazing, double skins, etc. We lead the bespoke development of your project, adapting standard systems to our clients’ needs. We deal with the complete management, including engineering and site management.

About us

We are a newly established Engineering company, created by professionals with large experience in the design, the development and the technical management of facade projects.

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Our services are focused on Architectures and Engineering firms, Owners, Industrial and Building Construction Companies who may need technical consultancy for their projects.

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With more than 20 years background in this field, we have taken part in some of the most outstanding building projects in Spain, nowadays icons of the modern Architecture.

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Open Source

idealos strongly believes in a new model of business organization, tending to optimize the costs derived from the use of privative software licenses. This fact does not mean a decrease in the quality of the service offered to our clients. For that reason our company promotes the use of Open Source Code software technology, aimed to achieve a cost reduction and, more important for us, to create tools tailored to our work requirements directly benefiting our clients. Due to our experience, we know that, generally, professionals pay high prices for software licenses, maintenance, standard software not adapted to their needs. idealos offers its expertise within the development of specific tools that will help to optimize resources, both economic and productive, and to reduce the learning curve. Our philosophy is to enhance the value of the knowledge and let the people be the protagonist in the achievement of their professional goals.